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Client Reviews

Denise Denington

Tu has prepared my taxes for over six years, and I am always extremely satisfied.Tu is affordable and efficient. He always goes the extra mile to help answer my questions and get me the highest refund possible. Tu is a knowledgeable and experienced professional, but he is also a kind person who truly wants to help the clients he serves. I greatly trust him and I highly recommend Tu Le and his exceptional services.

Vanesa V.

I have been a long time customer, I recommend him to everyone I know. Great service, great price, and great quality! Thank you!!!

Janna E. 

I have gone to Tu Le since 2004. Every time he gets me in quick to an appointment, reviews my taxes and always finds me my highest return. He is very thorough and professional. I would highly recommend Tu Le to anyone at all, he is great at what he does, and he is a wonderful sincere person as well!

Don Menkenzie

Tu Le is awesome and very knowledgeable in what he does. The customer service is outstanding. I recommend this great and rare business service to anyone who is looking for understanding and knowledge on their Tax & Bookkeeping services. On a rate of 5 stars being 5 is the most outstanding and 1 the least, I give Tu Le and company a 5 star, hands down.

Joshua P. 

this guy knows his stuff,i have used tu since 2008!Never had the irs kicking down my door lol!

Ryan E. 

honest and thorough… goes through all of the different scenarios with you. Best rates in town by far. If you like that personal feel with your tax person rather than a case file number like the chain places, this is the only spot you should be looking at. He is always available for you to answer questions. I will be a life-timer with Tu!

Alex C. 

best tax service and rates in town period!

Melissa W. 

I have been going to Tu Le to have my taxes done for the last 5 years. Since the first time he has ALWAYS been kind, helpfull and answered all my questions. I was recommended to Tu by my sister and now majority of my family goes to him for all out tax needs. I would highly recommend Tu Le he is professional and affordable.

T Nguyen

Tu has been my parents tax preparer for many of years and I started going to him a couple of years ago so he could to my taxes as well. His services are wonderful each time I go in there and he also has some good discounts on tax services if a friend is referred to him. He knows what he’s doing and anyone who goes there will leave with a great experience!

Roth R. 

I’ve been very pleased with Tu since 2004. He’s assisted me with accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax services. He is a real expert in his field and I do respect and would highly recommend Tu for both individuals and small businesses accounting and tax services. In addition, he would interact and response to any questions I may have at any time without additional charge.

Tu is the only person I go for all tax questions. More often I refer his services to my friends, clients and colleagues with the knowledge that their tax requirements will need to be addressed. As always, Tu listens to my questions, evaluates my situation and formulates a response that is best suit my financial needs as there are changes in income and expenses.

Tu is a highly qualified CPA with outstanding performance skills. He is committed to providing professional service with all accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax services.

Mei I. 

Tu Le had been doing my tax return since 2009 – he is dependable and know in depth and very knowledgeable what is the current tax law. I can always count on him to do my tax return. I would definitely recommend him and endorse him as a good tax man.

Carla R. 

I have been going to Tu Le for two years now – he gets me a great refund and his fee is excellent – not to mention he is knowledgeable and quick – always answers all my questions and is a joy to work with – I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs his services and is tired of doing their own taxes – He is the best!

Caroline R.

My previous bookkeeper whilst knowledgeable, wasn’t a great communicator. Tu Le is genuine, knows his stuff and patiently listens to your concerns. He is reasonable in his fees and you really feel like you are getting your bookkeeping needs attended to. I like that he is able to break down issues into simple terminology that is understandable. And best of all he is literally a phone call away for quick questions.

Kevin C. 

Mr le, knows a lot about capital gains and dividend income tax from the sales of stock portfolio. I have lots of transaction in my brokerage account. In the end of the year. I really don’t know what is tax and what is not tax. It’s really hard to determine If the sell of some stock is considered capital gain if I’ve made some loss on the sell as well. Using the FiFo tax method. Mr le determined what was taxable and what I saved.I believe I saved money on my taxes.

Tom C. 

ive been getting my taxes done here for two years now and ive saved alot on my taxes. I use to get my small business taxes done else where but tu le does a much better work because he understands business deductions alot more and answer far more business and personal tax questions.

Kalei H. 

I have used Tu for my taxes since 2004. He is very professional and accessible. I have been impressed on how quickly he gets back to me when I have needed tax info.

Andrew L. 

Mr lee is very helpful and knowledgeable with tax.

Jennifer C.

I’ve been going to Tu Le since my husband found him in 2008. I always go back to him every year. He always has answers for all of my questions. I always get my return in a timely manner. Now him and his wife know us and that we will be back every year. Thank you Tu!

Mike S.

my friend referred me here to get my personal income tax done and i received a discounted price. Tu is a really nice guy. He’s like a friend tax account you can call up without having to worry about paying for his time, Now lawyers you got to pay them for their time and advice . It’s easy to get in touch with him. Call his cell phone and he picks up right away. I recommend tu.


I have been getting my tax returns done by Tu for 7 years, he always make sure you are getting the max return and can always anwser all you questions. I highly recommend him to all my friends and family!

Janna Collura

I have been filing with Tu Le since I started work at the USPS in 07, he has always been a phone call away, very flexible hours, has a low price plus discounts and I even earned a check for $30for my parents referral! Tu le has always saved me money and maximized my return, I very highly recommend him for professional but friendly service. Aaa+++